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WWL>Topics>>1-16 6:45am Tommy, NOPD recruitment

1-16 6:45am Tommy, NOPD recruitment

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Commander Kim Williams about NOPD recruitment

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk in serious stuff here with NO PD and recruiting classes and how long it's going to be before. New offices get on the street and with that we welcoming commander Kim Williams and commander of the NO PD academy good morning commander. How are very well thank you for taking the time with this. Com YouTube -- in the recruiting business I would imagine as well as running the academy. As a Tellme. I season -- on TV and I know we've talked about it here on the air and -- need I think did a commercial for the open house there are gonna have what kind of response are you getting in terms of of qualified applicants applying. Yet -- no car. I'm in recruiting campaign started out that -- single -- the it department about Hillary is due to funding. The IRF. To our home we're recruit the best and the -- Home previously are. -- can't eat more accurately Mort in nineteen out and people in Israel there -- nineteen out and not seen hundreds. I'd be out -- it is here -- -- acting like you know eat out a lot more than 1400. About. Each and such and it. History that there is usually at. All want every month the EU Britain. And physical or Italy like every month it -- and Engler. Acting creature at the recasts. Average of all day applicants and look at what that Hitler is already it would. I'd still procedurally. As you go from I guess civil service given that the -- -- -- physical tests are presumed to make sure you can. Ron if you need to and those kind of things. Actively managed and has successfully at the written back in a physical Italy each -- and they'll argue -- but our background investigation and usually. It anywhere. -- -- and they. On accurate and accept it it contained it was the popped it back pretty clear of that back in which they are looking at all. Object and that he went and not an open net equity and back a lot with it would not work. Is that included in that ninety days command. -- -- It felt it about it and I'm -- and and from there in terms of medical and psychological testing averaged. Time for that as we get close to the cat India and -- in his state you know qualifies so far. It at psychological. And medical -- in there. May be a couple of weeks a little bit more of an outlook going home. So let's say another thirty days -- OK so so I'm just trying to get average numbers here so you might be taught in three and a half months from the time. -- somebody is it takes a civil service test or applies. -- about so. In terms of filling classes you'd teach classes -- the consent decree says it has to be thirty people at a time correct. It yeah we we got one goal the -- and we got -- -- To be -- with cap and tax on each person that was trying. Now appeared camping -- nod but he using in that there's some attrition during class itself so if you start with thirty. From your experience how many we can make easily through apple. -- that Adam is not easy. Had a academy is not easy day eight hours of actual court where trained in -- and I can't. I'm happy that we look academy is eaten some people don't make it or you know some people -- -- some people leave. But personally until recently -- -- UP believe in from the place each cabinet and -- To be completely candid if you -- -- 191000 people on the web -- that's expressing interest CC 242900. Downloaded applications. For -- -- dad and I guess I'm asking you leading a reasonable projection of how soon you would -- new officers on the street how many and how effective by the rookie officers. Well we plan on not and it should ask me play it in March we hit them on the AG is coming -- with Fiat at. Ali bench and let market outlook plan opt out and explain and mark. After that is the mayor's. One 18 week out at any treatment and and -- -- -- a couple of quick people out practical. On the door and that he'll work with -- -- -- opposite he even -- and trying them out would be the best we opposite it would be. You -- how long and in an -- media and police -- And where. He -- twenty years -- you know. Generally speaking. The time between. Somebody a man or woman comes out of the academy and considered a seasoned officers that you're comfortable with on your own. Making decisions on a street etc. how long if you had to guess commander. Again we give them how they act and we get on the basic South Asian -- on the practical exercise on the street that he'll try and take about sixteen weeks. -- -- -- You know it still. -- he'll try and access. Lee. Are -- eight arguably his web activity of Albuquerque NPD to work well. Mom. Do people is there an attrition rate during the yeah evaluation period like if you graduate. 25 officers out of thirty. Within that first years there high attrition rate to most of them -- with -- after being through the academy casino it's one thing when you. It anticipate what the job's going to be in and sometimes people actually do it now can't afford. Etc. And I mean that that happens it happens sometimes. People don't. And -- a police work that he -- the sport -- that I'm in eagle -- China. It hurts then doesn't meet its and that you know we are. But they and to be effective police stopped it and yet some people do watch out. Commander appreciate the information I really do not -- a great day all right thank and acknowledge some time right. All right -- and got.

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