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WWL>Topics>>1-28-14 11:10am Garland with Donnie Rouse of Rouse's

1-28-14 11:10am Garland with Donnie Rouse of Rouse's

Jan 28, 2014|

Garland gets an update on which Rouse's Supermarkets are open today from Donnie Rouse.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're Donna brown also we've had a lot of people asking her. But proved what is open in particular supermarkets and Don -- to grow x.s supermarkets. They appreciated the call at thank you good -- What status -- crucial. Where dollar stores are currently still open. Still still fully stocked with more trucks deriving. Today. And bit and use the -- certain. Lawyers. Temperature or -- a funeral ice we're used stored shutting down all nor are you pretty march. Intended tribes -- you open regardless. No we're watching it a very closely. We have some of our employees that they don't live near distorted they're currently working at. We're we're letting them -- go home a little early -- they don't have to travel on the icy roads. And for everyone else to dislodge watching a rose to make sure it's safe and now when we need to make a call make that couple what we're constantly watching the Lebanon. And at at this important. If somebody wants find out you're you're you're open origin -- Completely closed their website later numbering thing people can call just check. -- will put it up definitely on now on FaceBook on our FaceBook page. And now will also let what you guys in the minority. Done anything goes would tell the public. And I just because they felt there on the road and will be open. As long -- it's safer are bullies. -- -- the call on the route Ralph's supermarket that it's a day and it. All right aren't governor of the Oprah judge -- opinion poll you're working -- staying home in August of 5050. Split. That surprises but he. Being pursued by an out of 50% of the viewed that are working. Where -- you working and and getting there it was their problem or are you leaving early for potential problems. Later on in the day or do you era businesses just -- think this this and much of the threatens income law and -- keyboard and it was called to -- 01 they'd have to leave Michael broad and stay -- that would comment right back.

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