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WWL>Topics>>2-7-14 2:35pm Angela: on a benefit for a local victim of violence

2-7-14 2:35pm Angela: on a benefit for a local victim of violence

Feb 7, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with Dave Potter about a benefit being held for his brother Doug, a local musician who was violently beaten on Conti Street a few weeks ago.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On a more serious note there is a fund raiser planned to help. -- -- is a jazz musician who you might remember it was a victim of that severe beating. Back on January 21 and his brother member of the -- WL family joins us right now to talk about that Dave potter morning Dave. Good thanks taking the time tell me about your brother first off how's he doing. Where. Either making slow progress. He is still unconscious but he is breathing on his own. Without the help of -- -- later years. Opening his size now and then during its physical therapy and occupational therapy. He's moving his -- a little as well as steep. He is sitting up. During its. Therapy sessions and such so he's making slow progress but he is making partners we're hoping. The act the next week or so Erica we should have -- moved Tuesday. The rehab center that we get more intense there peaked and would actually work in the trailer -- for more partridge. So we can feel more positive out. It -- his -- -- able communicate Dillard. Not for leaders like -- about looked at several times you know and look at the he knows where they're -- you know sometimes so weak singer musician -- -- there and start playing at all. And Adidas boots -- -- so that these species speed movement -- He -- he would -- market a couple of crimes. Protest or an action communication that is currently get then of course you seen them. Slowly look at the biggest part in working actually like him it's that that's the case but. We're basically waiting for him to wake up -- it too deep for the -- and we know that the rehab situation it's a long process strongly but. We are seeing slow progress but so that stood in progress has -- -- I know a lot of people of trains going Dave and I know that's terribly expensive and you all -- of fundraisers Sunday. We sure are. Two that is so. Musician for a and so -- in the people who slim as well shipwreck when. And he bit about. Incredibly. Helpful in putting this altogether. It's gonna beat this Sunday February 9. From two until 6 PM -- that deviate -- located at succeed in Richmond street. Will be a ten dollar cover charge and they have been provided by commanders palace. They're gonna have raffle prizes from local businesses and they've got some great performers donated their time the commune. And go play during the army and pitched really really incredible. Act -- continents are handled by these guys and all of -- performers. Are open to assist with. -- -- -- -- -- You must -- -- -- and it is so if you can't go February 8 and we're gonna link is up on the website -- we not already done that. And gets more benefits coming up -- this special funded Capital One correct. That is correct anyone who like to make contribution. And we do appreciate this very much we set up situation with Capital One big to any branch. And if they wanna make a donation to the -- Parker musicians on. They'll be happy to take your donation. And I'll -- Parker and we greatly appreciate -- support from the community on this. And it's still. An option we don't lose ideally it would you don't even leave the house correct. Capsule is not -- should be able to do that are -- out like people that you do your bag he could do it that way. Or you could possibly calling from -- follow from -- folder so the stores make a donation. And a FaceBook option as well you can insert. There's a FaceBook option that you bring about a you can go there as FaceBook -- Where he just type in the search engine that part musician upon it'll take you to a PayPal link where you could make a donation on PayPal. Well thank you Dave for your time and and god bless you and your family and your brother it's if you -- more about the new fund raiser in February 19 column Michael Larkin. At 68146. Or chuck Bragman 2568254. We'll have all the information for years they've taken easing gridlock team. Today.

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