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WWL>Topics>>2-14-14 2:35pm Angela: on the New Orleans Comedy & Arts Festival

2-14-14 2:35pm Angela: on the New Orleans Comedy & Arts Festival

Feb 14, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with Yvonne Landry about the New Orleans Comedy & Arts Festival.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well again it's one of those. Exciting weekends that we have you know what we haven't talked about we've got all this NBA stuff going and -- just delightful I'm so happy to hear that the thinking. 100000 people over three or four game that's next passage that's a huge but to have that much fun set up 47 different interactive game. But we can't forget also that its crew to move on -- -- I don't know I even think dimension that early we always have a big party for in my house. It's just a couple blocks away down by water so we're having people over and. Yeah that's a huge and I love how exciting. For the people coming in from out of town may not be aware of the Mardi Gras tradition writing what a special event that idea I think if there's only one event that you're gonna get to see if you're visiting from somewhere else should probably just going to be group of absolutely and John Barry is the yeah who -- In the way wonderful wonderful selection you know of him I picked up their than newspapers that they have you know think it will so funny I'd like -- his -- that's awful and something about via email -- you can't -- where the vile things -- the group right -- always have such a wonderful irreverent yet. -- but if you want to laugh. All of this is the place to be because Yvonne Landry is a special -- she's the executive producer. Of the New Orleans comedy and arts festival. And it is this week. Missy -- tell us about it. I. Mean I. The -- of the art has been the last night. -- any Canadian -- in the war crimes story and they -- a consequence doctors happen. Yeah -- big guy. -- -- community. -- is on there and can. Reaching. There are urgent action they'll -- it at. 8 o'clock. And activists feature rock again and Robert -- and (%expletive) eating rock and that's about. Them. -- wild and and the guys. Kitchen daddy. He'd be. Here in LA it's been such as well that are there any. Two point seven. -- is -- Yeah advantage at 730. -- -- -- here -- -- here rat. Coming up a lot we have our inside -- party -- people who don't -- Koppel lower angry and bitter I'm happy -- and bring and what Neal hamburger. Neil hamburger. And Ian -- he kind of IndyCar an. Exit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a lot can tell you it will just come from states away and in the right there that we have going. -- had as -- how many years is of the festival this Nokia. This year. -- and the possible that this is the fifteenth festival produced. So we acted as co op on -- -- incredibly -- that we have people who -- All over and they out the talent in the capital rep from Comedy Central this year. We had some big -- from bridge camera comedy festival -- July in coming on and got out and then what happened. I hate like that -- comedian creatively to get their. Not -- not not that the. Excellent. That it has a lot of fun -- real quick is this is the first time the you've had a second venue right so you -- you -- you grow and innuendo open all the brewing. Which you know when I -- cast prize what's it like did you build a stage in their how'd that happen. Yeah it's really cold and -- had been our sponsor for and into the this year. And what a great relationship with in the night people -- Coca -- Ayers it's really portable we do. Did they opened -- And clearly that it would we get it there are. We don't the page but they certainly aren't they are you out of beer. Either out of the year. Yet his is the leader takes a beer what do you mean you can't have Beers. Well and beer it's packed oh cool. It would great. Great comedian. At the I haven't really lighting. A lot of -- that -- Which is great while people are OK so people if they wanna come to see the show what we're that he wouldn't get tickets -- as the information. Great it's VW new oral. Cavity are comfortable dot com. And they can buy tickets are okay cool aren't making sure up the door to show up at the library that can -- on -- And trying to get in tickets I think that the -- probably I'll buy it in I think in other ethnic -- we line -- It's good that you put this on it's good that we keep our sense of humor it's a nice balance of the others done. And and thank you so much you -- for coming on. -- Have a great and we'll see you couldn't. I think I've gone and will see you all just a minute stay with us.

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