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WWL>Topics>>2-20 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA trade

2-20 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA trade

Feb 20, 2014|

Deke talks to Editor and Publisher of hoopsworld, covering the NBA for USA Today Sports about the NBA trade deadline and lack of moves from the Pelicans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Davis MM pollen Albany hang what does Steve Scott joins us now. The use of hoops world. And also cover the NBA for years in today's sports among many titles Steve is all over the Indy Steve I got outside Danny Granger goes to Philadelphia -- the break. No winds up moving the venues Eagles to. The Warriors jumped out some of the trade action today. Well the little anti climactic I think we only is he here Eckstein named players being kicked around about a -- ten academic all said -- Gary Neal who has played for yes you know that you're kind of the trade deadline go to the trade deadline stuck it accounting. You know about that last minute opportunity for teams that -- Luxury tax problems are trying to create salary cap space for the summer. You know that the -- -- that the chance for teams -- guys. On an ending contract like the Indiana Pacers to try to get something for our -- They're not gonna keep in July or maybe -- that it really necessarily to where they're telling that -- would -- Rangers specifically. With his knees and the fact that he's in the lineup and out of the lineup and you know how much he'd require the ball offensively. The you don't eat eat there -- just as such an -- owner and you've moved -- ball to the Philadelphia 76ers years younger player and he's been playing great and you get another big body and Lavoy Allen and keep union went into really -- enough along that outline what you think about edition having Andrew Bynum got Roy Hibbert picked it -- Luis -- during the summer -- got eight west they've got all kinds of -- to throw at you in the postseason and boy Lavoy Allen. It's just one -- so you know overall I think the trade deadline was what I expected that we see anger and transactions -- mostly the players. He had heard maybe main virtue in the inning -- well -- with any great. Steve Collins who -- tonight. Heat and -- as at a preview of the finals. Might be I think the Western Conference is a whole lot harder handicap in. In the 80 Eastern Conference each are probably gonna come down to eighteen to Miami or Indian. I think it's really who's gonna have home court because wherever ancient going to be played. Is probably going to be who advances in both of those teams early try to scrapped their way in and the next you know 20/20. 27 games -- make sure they get it. -- Oklahoma City in practice I mean when you think back there -- Russell Westbrook back and I. They're the best team in the west where they're one of their best players and you know I think that's a testament to why they're coaching staff and how much -- they have they're young guys in the locker Jack and they were counting a lot on that your player. You know Jeremy lamb made even Adams as rookies played big minute -- that. You know they've really kind of did it -- that stockpiled young guys that -- a couple of years and now they're putting that young guys in a position actually -- responsibility and or shall and then you factor in Kevin Durant who. You know battle UT arguably the best or we yeah yeah a key -- becoming an amazing to inquire of the defense to try to win. You know you should really really every opportunity I talked to him just a couple days ago outdated. You know if he's really taking ownership of his situation that he's going to be. I champion he's gonna be an elite level and VP type caliber player is on him to do it and he really is not a night in night in and night out basis. And you get Scotty Brooks is head coach talked about it that you know it all the work Kevin put an end and the way that he is gone about it. He hadn't taken any days off for any situation hockey usually goes forward. And I think your target eagerly bought into a really special player. Steve how can -- Tebow put all your great work on Twitter. Well course Twitter speed Tyler and DA is the Twitter handle of course you check on the weather back -- -- in -- -- I'll go out and you thought about bowl recover. Steve Thomas the always -- comment thank you so much for helping us out. No problem.

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