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WWL>Topics>>2-21 8:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras and real estate

2-21 8:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras and real estate

Feb 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Arthur Sterbcow, a local real estate analyst, about how being on a parade route affects real estate prices

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's herb -- friend joins us whenever we have questions about real estate Arthur of course via. Local real estate analyst -- good morning you do one more. Thanks for taking the time -- -- tell me about. I guess property values in terms of being on a parade route is that a positive or negative and generally speaking -- people feel about it. Well it's certainly -- values to a property is. Realtors when it was properties generally put. The description it's ought to parade of people looking good it's. Are people you love and hate to say that but most people who live on the parade routes -- problems so that you can big revenue. Obviously the value of the real estate tends to be directly proportional to. The distance from the from the bathroom to pour it. And and also the number of problems because well I'll come over in Lebanon is usually just a few people and mutually armies. What -- I bet that they've got up and operate where they expect block its it's sick it's great great dignity and -- I guess it comes down eleven -- money growth you'll love -- you'll love the fact at a parade is right in front yet. Hi every every a couple of nights is someone that's -- if it's in the situation up -- -- downtown and Orleans parish. But then again maybe get everybody coming over every night and do not necessarily in the mood entertained. Well we're quite incredible party -- begin let you know some old school -- likes opera like. -- about how exactly eternal light nobody called eco board. But most folks who operate it a couple of days -- on days a year. And and the date they adjust they alarms to that they understand what the -- it's going to be the -- it was going to be Smart. Understandable. It's it's just that it is why some people choose who you talk on the coast -- so they'll so. I'd like there and do it every year some people just and order a case that would. Have you been in my home. Because when you say internal lights up nobody's -- keep moving and agreement sounds like me. So when he comes to. Eleven on a parade route and you get people that are new to the area do they quite understand it. Where'd -- dizzy agent explain it to element of the Mets in the bandages -- good. All of it with the unit they've done all of a -- what did you -- 90%. Of the you know if they understand with a boat to the -- -- -- -- become severe -- besides French Quarter is market. And where the parade good good because they're very -- So yeah its -- -- dot -- anecdotal note Jack choreographed because they should know that change any jobs yet you're certain -- it's. Which makes it a little odd but for the most part in the -- of fairly subjective in nature and and pretty predictable. Any way to put a dollar value on is live and on a parade route visited 50101000. Or not and our opinion you've got to go there. Is it I think you're right that I was this exactly -- I can tell a story about Hawaii that involved fifty dollars but I won't -- tell me about. Seriously when when he comes to property values does that make a difference in in like analysts say a pool was either positive or negative it would it would speaking of which what is it. Did visible and owners value or does it rarely do you that. I it it you. Get generally doesn't have been higher cost. What it would take -- -- a -- -- valued. And it and it depends on where the pool is you're not. -- subdivision or communities that got our cool all ready and you want your backyard you're gonna get limited. But if you got a lot of kids and you know like undertake a lot -- -- cool mobile value without a doubt. And I discontinuing the cool conversation. Let's presume that. There's no parade that you have taken care of every need that you have in your negotiating -- of my house lit it on a parade route his visit. -- put a dollar value on his at five grand ten grand to. Well I'm not sure to be honest about it that they would depend on a couple of bench herbal conditioner -- location is certainly. Already priced into other similar properties on the -- But clearly you know one block further back operate -- two blocks vs what blocks. Our values intended tend to change a little bit. From the Milwaukee district I don't know that you could actually put doll to -- operate opt out -- walk this house. As an example he may have the entrance and Charles -- You know maybe work there a lot of money because it's so internal revenue. Person -- on the parade -- arms control. -- we gotta go I appreciate you time indeed -- did personality -- were considered sales. Somebody that would. I thank you so much you've been left out and market. Sizing and use our.

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