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WWL>Topics>>4-21 8:15am Tommy, jury duty

4-21 8:15am Tommy, jury duty

Apr 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to legal analyst Tim Meche about being summoned for jury duty

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tim mash joins us or -- WL legal analysts talk about. A ready jaguar opinion poll which is if you got a summons for jury duty would you gladly show up who would you do everything you could. To get out of it good morning to Emily Dylan tour -- our tanks -- taken a time tummy -- I guess first softly. Theoretically and practically. How important people showing up for jury duty is is it. As important as we think -- it doesn't really matter when you get right down to it. But then you'll. Obviously the the types of persons. Who. Show the jury in war. To serve on jury. So -- May not -- sure you walk if you're a sit in the in the future. You're in jurisdictions. Had to -- it's open forcing. All -- to what happens to functional. Some places a character. Not happen. In other places actually you know arrest and called court. It is but it matures. And -- end zone. Which are and so. Yeah I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings here but it is being said. That. The brightest. People lord dot com and again I swear to be an assortment honored anybody's feelings but -- lawyers have already said that. The people do show up for jury duty are not necessarily. Com people that are well rounded people that. He can listen intelligently to what's going on and sometimes you know elated -- -- earlier notices Specter. She said she loved on -- it to stay in hotel missionary it's deep -- -- Obviously everybody wants it gets us and a hotel of the juries and in hotels -- not sequestered it. Went when it comes to you if you if you have a client that needs it to be represented in court what would be the ideal juror that you -- -- in terms of com. Most open acted to listen impartially most open. Evaluate the evidence and apply it to the law. What they want to replicate the principle of mutual portraits for instance you want somebody with experience. In the business community actually no rules Howell. Is this works. It's -- eighties large tree murder case. Or. -- ball. Are capable of about -- The type of witness. In the case like. So. It's basically -- -- specific. And -- a jury consultant simply pay a lot of money. -- that's. But it. Doesn't. -- -- specific. Well. Would generally speaking using more justice again generally speaking would be had if you judge -- -- case or if if the jury hears it -- some wondered about. Jury nullification here isn't that where did the jurors don't really pay attention to the law as much here as they try to send a point. Yeah and that that happened in fact it happened recently in the -- so involved here. In front court in baton route. You know. So are things. Worse. And so now. We're -- own error government that -- -- K. But it's not the right. -- -- -- Well. Barring. Their power. They have the right to say IQ. We know or sit in all matters instructions Wednesday -- Well like I missed or mr. or. But. And all things -- and. Tim the formula to go on a much lighter note -- -- -- the question if you don't want but if you had to pick one dog. One breed of dog to service as a judge who who -- go. Or church or do you think to be fair impartial here in the area that's where they're at. And maintain control over the court. Yeah I think there. Around what do you think -- appreciate your time have a great day or.

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