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WWL>Topics>>4-23 7:45am Tommy, property theft

4-23 7:45am Tommy, property theft

Apr 23, 2014|

Tommy talks to Inez Glapion about what was stolen from her property

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about people stealing things and did you ever do that as a kitten and now today even get a crime camera in your house on your thousand. And any got a video of somebody's stealing something you bring into the police are they really thinking or should they really care. And when you're kid to differ steal anything in did -- guilty and David Blake told -- storage is now that started as. A six year old first it and steal anything and it was a six year old stealing candy and getting rid of it. In the chase that in suit and so many texts and and and that before you know it Dave's going to be 23 it was Alexis that he ditched. Joseph hang on don't talk to you in a second bananas clapping on joins us right now and she she had some been stolen off of reports and I and I think it's an interesting kind of story because and guess and it meant a lot to her morning and as I do one. Any town because one -- -- you. Good thanks to taking the time -- -- some so tell me what Yankee game and don't obviously can't give us your address regular live and where mid city. Yeah yeah. And you and you got the house and you -- decorate the boards so you get some kind of bench. Yeah I actually a couple of odd things that hurt the problem -- but it did not -- thinking it. Just children may. And I am fairly. Here's the number of yeah and it. And benched. Out on my front porch. No morality and much of the hope it's not it's not leaking pipe was removed from forge. Yesterday. And OpenId. And wound up at a disappointing and it means that if it can actually I'm the cool moment any. And that's why didn't bother to report did call 311 that that should should they today when you held. -- emailed. The person who would stated that the email for -- look at that after it actually because I wanted to. Camera can only be content to let -- -- their I'm surrounded by a bit out child. But I -- just aren't about the camera and as if even if he got the video of it is inning and we to say take it seriously -- -- and management. Yeah I mean really didn't think I mean I would call the police because I think they had big fish to fry. But I mean it's a sad because you know you can't put anything outside. Or you know -- he thinks it's very cheeky of people. I'm content that they can come and take whatever they want went up in an outlet they wanted but -- just the nature of the -- everywhere you. You're going to blanket -- I think it's getting worse now ours are just kids being kids like they always well. -- -- People -- probably. I can -- it works when people feel Arctic and whatever -- -- You know bully the other weird things. Wrong arsenal and I said on the fly. Home which is huge client and and -- -- the out of my plan and optional front. -- -- maybe it's been here and then from Cory mine which it -- something. About him when you like on couldn't at all. Look at it a little -- clean elections before moving on and -- -- some. Different cars and put them on the court that had to keep your kids -- maybe could take him. Deep bench from on what you mean. -- On the over the -- will -- it freak you out because although it's just a bench it is as a money on importantly were sleep and it didn't want Steele and something. Oh yeah. I'm sorry that happened and as he freaked out -- -- -- -- -- PP I'm not a long stay outside shot. But it. It -- Kirk of people in the neighborhood. That would do that on my guard just a little bit more. And it's pretty sad commentary wells along as a guest from outside my house okay again -- -- -- -- -- on the bench. Probably country that I that he thanked and hasn't -- and.

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