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WWL>Topics>>5-15 5:10pm Sports Talk: NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

5-15 5:10pm Sports Talk: NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

May 15, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Randy Heitz who covers the Thunder for 107.7 The Franchise in Oklahoma City about the 2014 NBA Conference Finals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening eleven to the final two segments are sports thought what -- LSU sports network it's forty minutes game one of the three game series the Tigers. And awful lot in the news and it is being charted double homicide for a crime that he is. Jail for eight different -- much more than just the moment. I've St. Louis Rams incoming rookie lap back I'm Michael Sam at two days at the thing is once the full assault footballer -- -- He has a deal with the Oprah Winfrey network to be a part of a documentary about his life and becoming the first openly gay. Player in the National Football League. Bless you BA actually took a look at Washington and Indiana game six tonight now it's game six between Oklahoma City. And the LA Clippers Randy hides great sleep dog to us now go with the thunder a 107 point seven the France as a Oklahoma City Atlanta the last two gave critically Doug is. I forgot my role as a coach Scotty Brooks looked as -- is dom found somebody sunken battleship. It in the game full when he brutal big lead that was basically the dagger and in last found significant. Okayed a Clippers. -- thought of that segment got a seven point lead and a lot has been made about that was complaining about a call. Well it's like he forgot to coach the last four seconds of the game so the coach -- in the last couple of games has been count like lately and if you don't match up with the talent. You know. Eric and it seemed like the player superstar player for good and a lot to -- Obama -- well and whether. Russell Westbrook and having that during a game -- -- at all Laker game by. I'm may need to be out the teams you have melted down. You don't want what happened and I think you like and it. You're gonna be it's not that -- beginning definitely eighteen and -- game. We've really -- -- anybody in India a while outwardly involving game at the Oklahoma City -- -- complete game if you did not. Trying to light a -- and I don't back prominent. Doc Rivers that ankle problem but at the bank. You know. At that. -- partners -- he did it being good. Now Randy. What did you take in and and I look I guess he can have the right time and you look at Matt -- that when you look at. Would disperse have done. And depending on you know this does go to game seven. Between 2000 the Clippers more arrests of for the Spurs but. Today it just seems like right now. I mean it's all on paper that it is going to be -- -- heated heat the Spurs I guess is what AB -- promenade that you maybe mom might be helpful with that on the. Think it's going to be the Spurs but the one thing you like I. -- regularly seen in the -- ours you know and that matchup. And about our matchup for the Spurs but under in the papers that under -- in the regular Internet under the -- and -- really liked that matchup more athletic improvement under ought to get our. -- today and matchup well there. But I do like the way it -- or Clinton went out they've played better maybe anybody are. And east west and not only mine aren't beat -- It will be Pittsburgh beauty and play out. But it. Don't count the under they do it by the. We have Randy hi it's Randy RI DE six I will we see a game seven -- with -- -- close it out tonight. Not. Be that that -- doctor Eric. -- -- Like well. He'd been out all melt down in the final -- expected back in and day by Oklahoma City. The one thing you got a lie about it volley the winner. And I. Am proud. -- LA. Or Gagne and all of that it. Randy -- -- Oklahoma City game six tonight between the thunder and the Clippers. The 107 point seven the franchise in Oklahoma City Randy always a pleasure thank you so what's the time. --

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