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WWL>Topics>>6-18 5:35pm Sports Talk: Redskins Patent

6-18 5:35pm Sports Talk: Redskins Patent

Jun 18, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Writer for NFL.com's Around the League blog Chris Wesseling about Khiry Robinson's ascension within the Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris always going joins us now -- joins us now right of the nfl.com around the league blog is a's got historian talking about. 25 players that can make the leap one of them at number nineteen Saints running back Aaron Rouse and Chris thank you so much for the time. And when you think about the most difficult pass to make it to the National Football League. Off from the systematic stamp on this is the most difficult you get a three day tryout. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He took the hardest road to the National Football League -- Robinson and now many feel that what he has done in his numbers in his. I think violent and I mean any any very are complementary waste dollar run and we -- runs through people runs over of people just runs like he's just. With a purpose. He's a's may be on the brink of even a bigger season which could lead him to more more unknown status across the -- Yeah I think when you watch him I'm sure you guys that wants what it is it game -- Andy compared to guys like Mark Ingram who you got -- the end Trent Richardson. First rounder -- keep the one who. Like the first rounder to do that -- -- our people when Schilling burst patience and vision. Yeah I've been very impressed with him I think -- easily the best runner in that -- them. -- a prison it was also Saints fans also the case and let him go to Jets Chris Ivory. You know guy and a lot of fans -- what Chris Ivory the better. The running back in them initially due in no way they were drafted just observing watch in. And I think we've we've obviously. You know going on and we liked -- and the -- and about we've got a call Corey Robinson like Chris Ivory junior Woody's done. Yeah I think there at the better than ivory for the practice maybe doesn't hit the ball security issues. And he can avoid injury which plagued ivory. Yeah totally yeah that compared to implement violent running standpoint they're like. It but I agree platelet Marshawn Lynch -- are irrelevant and at the little they've emerged June curriculum is -- people. Chris -- thing is just as good as Chris now one when you look at at this point two running backs Robinson could dead Ingram. And obviously PA at Thomas. Each have their own style coach Payton likes the difference thousands in use and indeed -- but -- strategy and so forth and all -- what scheme personnel. But a guy like Robinson. Regardless of what everybody else is eventually if he keeps having the numbers that he's having and it's his can be. You look at a situation where we're better off fall we have a better chance with him in the ballgame EC come today. I think if it direct competition looks like Mark -- Because you have to figure skater on the level running backs in the NFL in receptions year. He's gonna stay involved in the name. I acted -- get up believe it when it -- apparently odd man out last year I know -- looked pretty good in the pre season a couple of times. But. There aren't enough to serve but he go around and kind of that early dam between the tackles -- he would like to come -- and Robin convert Ingram. On how much this year that -- there and and I think Robinson's that are there. You know Chris and I just go by what I see and and particularly. When I'll look you who would you do a month when -- -- -- the best. And just look at what he did in a playoff game against Seattle as far as breaking tackles. I mean to -- was better than any running back as far as attacking that defense. I totally agree and I think. You know no coincidence that the game before that he set up the game winning field goal with a guy who rely on. In any started that the Hawks game that was the first part starting -- -- year. I think you know I and I remember Sean Payton and Internet games that. -- -- -- talented runner of the football. And it played out that he really got got through that he -- defense through five security cared. Yet Aurilia and I will all said and done as a team win averaged four point four and the fans really got down crystal running them that the bag game because. All the -- underwent now back in the beginning the second quarter. And he's not known as the fumble problem but he fumbled and then this -- capitalize in the getting it to Arizona that. It seemed like England here and it checkered careers what the Saints they're. He with a guy he he needs to be at the stinger that chain -- In that I'm just never sit -- -- thought that that whenever he was on the field. It very -- suddenly got to slow. I think it career you know shot training camp I didn't think he might do better in another city. Chris how can folks file -- on Twitter. -- -- where -- at WE. EO. Chris great trees great work thank you so much for -- time. My. All right much -- coming to keep him frank this is sports Oakland WW.

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