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WWL>Topics>>Hokie: Can the Saints beat the Giants?

Hokie: Can the Saints beat the Giants?

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|


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    along I think Seattle's a -- Nancy I still do they hold home field advantage but. In the playoffs it's easy you know what you want and done scenario. But you also know that is so it's a one game all you have to do is play well for that one game it's not like. The NBA error Major League Baseball where you have to win four out of seven. If there's something that you have a particular concern about. Pia plane on the road trip because she still hadn't put together that really good game on a road. You were able overcoming mistakes against a bad Philadelphia
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    rams are out of contention for the playoffs so what's really there motivating factor now -- to really beat up on the saint. I think one thing is it because. -- one they're young team and you know I think they still feel like they've got something to prove days they thought they were better team this year than they actually were. And for whatever reason when the saints go to Saint Louis I always have trouble with that bunch you know you can say well they match up well against the saints. You know it's home field advantage whatever you want on college but they always play the saints tough out there in the Edward. I'll see where this going
    to bolster their sack totals for the season. But -- in on Drew Brees in the saints' offensive lines so. To those guys some biology young hungry kids they still got a lot proof so are you -- comes out this weekend. Well you know one thing America's saints if they win and they punch a ticket to the playoffs and doesn't mean that they're gonna have home field advantage or anything like that if you admit they will all be guaranteed. A playoff spots of that kind of takes the pressure
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    year you know that 93 record doesn't bother me he'd win the bowl game I think you can. Just didn't -- to me it's pretty good season but looking ahead to next year looks like the tigers -- going to be struggled to be struggling offensively I think defensively they're going to be considerably better. Just because those casual had more time and they did play better at the end of the season there's no doubt. But it ain't like they were playing and it was what do you say after Texas Stadium which probably the best game by far that they played defensively. But they you know they showed up for that and they stuck to the game plan so. Next year I think he'll just be a flip flop it'll be the offense that you worried about my defense is much.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So what about them saints were on two game losing streak. You like their chances of turning things around in New York. To be honestly you know. Matt I think they'd just gotten themselves in the seller right now man I don't know that they can be able to climb out of the keys to its. Eight is too difficult you played too many games on the road used to -- quality opponents and I just. I don't see it happen and I thought maybe it in mid point. Of the season that they would be able to but. I can't see it -- out. Then bailing themselves out in the last four games of the season so if I understand you correctly. You were still holding out hope for the saints to play well because I mean I'm somewhat of an optimist and I noticed team Hindus in very good things. Now. This defense I mean they didn't show the ability to hold somebody underneath 300 yards for the first. Eleven games of the season. You know all of a sudden at the very end you know you all the falcons to 283. To 86 of them like and it was like. -- to this defense come from. I don't see that happening. On a regular basis from here now.

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