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WWL>Topics>>Hokie: Can the Saints beat the Giants?

Hokie: Can the Saints beat the Giants?

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So what about them saints were on two game losing streak. You like their chances of turning things around in New York. To be honestly you know. Matt I think they'd just gotten themselves in the seller right now man I don't know that they can be able to climb out of the keys to its. Eight is too difficult you played too many games on the road used to -- quality opponents and I just. I don't see it happen and I thought maybe it in mid point. Of the season that they would be able to but. I can't see it -- out. Then bailing themselves out in the last four games of the season so if I understand you correctly. You were still holding out hope for the saints to play well because I mean I'm somewhat of an optimist and I noticed team Hindus in very good things. Now. This defense I mean they didn't show the ability to hold somebody underneath 300 yards for the first. Eleven games of the season. You know all of a sudden at the very end you know you all the falcons to 283. To 86 of them like and it was like. -- to this defense come from. I don't see that happening. On a regular basis from here now.

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