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  1. Bobby: Colts game will be great showcase for Saints D


    Thu, 21 Aug 2014

    Most realistic look we've had yet

    pat robertson found at 0:23

    -- that -- right champion coming back. Quit wife played pretty well Pat Robertson back now off an injury and welfare department. Well it's against the colts is the closest thing to -- one person falcons.
  2. Scoot's Ice Bucket Challenge


    Thu, 21 Aug 2014

    Scoot's Ice Bucket Challenge

    facebook page found at 0:23

    get as much. Do it and post it to. FaceBook Demi WL FaceBook page . Getting so what you're doing I was becoming -- again all right this is the ice bucket challenged. -- -- That was
  3. Bobby: Jairus Byrd is "amazing"


    Wed, 20 Aug 2014


    high school found at 0:08

    cannon Bobby Hebert and obviously -- wrapping up. Practice here -- the high school and a productive one at night right good to vote just cannot -- a great atmosphere is like Friday Night Lights on the knowledge. And when you look at it. You've got to remind me. Packed house. Going back to my high school days and we're back in the seventies but standing rule under the roof off the track it makes it special. Almost like to play L game. If you in this game you go get the -- the superdome it was that type atmosphere. Just outstanding environment and I think they'll do this at least. Once every training camp starting you can today obviously nick. Body Jared Burton had a really solid day lightly and it it's rare bird dinners Bernard made an interception that. What -- the best thing in NFL history tells me. I don't know. Colleagues magnate who won and it was better any constructive -- -- back or receiver but we've
  4. Jairus Byrd made his presence known at Saints camp today


    Tue, 19 Aug 2014

    Expects to play Saturday against Colts

    tennessee titans found at 0:36

    early on in practice he expects to play this Saturday night it's Indianapolis Colts a couple of injured -- -- get to. My receiver Randy Phillips held practice they still battling some lingering effect of the stomach issue it. Got a fever shopping helped him now. Cornerback Q who is not the right. And they still working through that process. Up at Tennessee Titans inquiries over a foot injury while -- we -- -- -- -- --
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