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  1. Bobby: Graham is amongst the best kickers, Griffin will stay in NO


    Tue, 2 Sep 2014

    Graham is about 85% over 15 years - that's a high level of play

    shayne graham found at 0:18, 1:06

    want to Wednesday the saints have sat at the main thing kicker Shayne Graham will -- Of black and gold you kinda wanna break out I was having hit. Well I think it's just over liability. Trust factor was Sean Payton . If you're auditioning grammys run an 85%. Is that he did and over fifteen years -- that -- that is that high
    worked so. And then maybe sign she Ingram down the road because Shayne Graham being on the active roster we want. You gotta -- of this whole salary. Analysts say because the years of service --
  2. Saints lose in preseason finale


    Fri, 29 Aug 2014

    The Cannon says Ravens backups are GOOD

    high school found at 1:55

    -- you know. A big week because we can't LSU and Wisconsin bad habit -- high school college and pro all right see you back. People who love to all of that injury. So when -- pretty normal. Oh beating army veteran . -- and it's another day. Are indicated an -- named -- going to be a little or WW dot com.
  3. T-Bob: Stats leading into LSU-Wisconsin game are awesome


    Thu, 28 Aug 2014

    T-Bob: Stats leading into LSU-Wisconsin game are awesome

    golden nugget found at 1:18

    are also number 18 Q nationally. As far as well against a regular season now that conference opponents. Was -- in pretty -- pretty big street shares in years and years. Going to be coming to an end for one achievement this Saturday it's more excitement wore we'll why let it be awesome. And I -- more exciting. When you find out on Golden Nugget like this. -- you definitely don't like -- double covered sees that in order every morning. On -- through -- -- --
  4. Bobby on Saints v Ravens: "Nobody cares"


    Tue, 26 Aug 2014

    Except maybe the guys angling for roster spots

    shayne graham found at 1:44

    do. I think calico. With Dickie -- -- the only thing is Shayne Graham . 853 to fifty yards which I thought was impressive considering the pressure. You're dealing with the way the conditions. Doesn't think Erik
The Saints are bringing back kicker Shayne Graham; and waived QB Ryan Griffin to make room. Good move or not?
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